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PVC Joinery - Salamander  
ALUMINUM Joinery - Alumil
WINDOWS - Neofort

We provide PVC and aluminum joinery from Salamander and Alumil, and offer complete solutions for consulting, measurements, installation, and transportation in all European countries.

Tamplarie PVC si tamplarie Aluminiu cu geam termopan

Our products and services

Neofort's PVC & Aluminium joinery are accompanied by complete services, certifications, and approvals.

PVC & Aluminum joinery

We supply premium Salamander and Alumil PVC and aluminum joinery. Our joinery is produced on modern and automated production lines. Our windows are of premium quality.

Perimeter insulation solutions

We offer the most advanced insulation solutions as part of the installation process, including butyl tape, Blaugelb Triotherm+ pre-frames and interior and exterior anti-condensation film.

Professional installation

We carry out installations with professionals who have extensive experience in the field. We guarantee the quality of the joinery installations at any level of complexity.

Accessories for PVC & Aluminum joinery

The accessories used are from premium ranges. The PVC & Aluminum joinery is produced in one of the most modern window factories in Romania.

Domestic and international transport

We deliver our products quickly and safely throughout Europe. We provide professional packaging and palletizing for all product ranges shipped.

Oferte de pret termopane Salamander si Alumil
Calcul preturi si oferte Tamplarie PVC si tamplarie Aluminiu cu geam termopan. Calculator preturi.
Vanzare, oferte, preturi tamplarie PVC si Aluminiu
Montaj Tamplarie PVC si Aluminiu

The stages of collaboration

Clarity in 3 simple steps

Our specialists will accompany you throughout all stages of our collaboration.

Offer Calculation

Contact and submission of a quote request, through the contact form, email or phone & Whatsapp.

Consultation & Measurements

Establishment of configuration and order details. Scheduling of measurements.

Transport & Installation

Specifying location details and delivery deadline, transportation and installation execution.

A decision can be easy with the right help. Our main priority is to understand the needs and requirements of the client, and the best answer comes from well-trained specialists, whether it's the sales team or the installation teams. Our long-standing experience and expertise recommend us.

Preturi si oferte pentru Tamplarie Aluminiu Alumil

Affordable prices and payment conditions.

We constantly work on the quality-price-utility ratio and manage to come up with winning offers.

Servicii, consultanta, transport si montaj Termopane Salamander

Consultancy and innovative solutions.

We always strive to bring the market the latest and most advanced products and technical solutions.

Termopane de calitate premium

Quality and uncompromising commitments.

Our products and services offered over time have motivated over 50% of our customers to return or recommend us.

Neofort vechime pe piata si oferte de pret

18 years of uninterrupted experience.

For almost two decades, our name has been present in the PVC / Aluminum Joinery market with growing results.

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