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Fabrica tamplarie Neofort


If you've arrived here, it means you've already heard something about us and you want to find out more information about our company.

About Neofort Aluminum and PVC Joinery Division

Neofort represents a robust entity within the construction industry, present as part of a group of companies, with an 19-year history on the market following a rebranding that occurred in 2012. The company was founded with the vision of bringing innovation and quality to the aluminum and PVC joinery sector, gradually developing into a respected player in the relevant field. In this regard, we can mention that our yearly presence in the market leaders list, as noted in the Trade Registry data, places us in the top rankings for at least the last 10 years.

Throughout the years, Neofort has continuously evolved, with an annual turnover experiencing consistent growth. This gradual increase, ranging from 10% to 30% annually, reflects the company's ability to adapt to market changes and cater to the needs of its customers.

Diversified Portfolio:

Neofort takes pride in a diverse portfolio of projects across various construction domains, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial. Notably, we have executed aluminum and PVC joinery projects for numerous residential ventures, large and small, totaling over 60,000 square meters in the last 5 years alone. Our client portfolio over the past decade comprises a list of more than 7,000 entities, both individuals and businesses. This diversity underscores the company's flexibility in addressing a wide array of requirements and specifications.

Commitment to Quality:

Quality remains a central value for Neofort. The company invests in meticulous material selection and the application of best practices for each project. We were the first company in Bucharest, 17 years ago, to install the first projects containing triple-glazed insulating units. We were among the first players in the market to offer 6-chamber insulation profiles. Each year, we introduce innovations and implement state-of-the-art advancements in the components of the joinery and the accessories we deliver. This approach is reflected in the final outcomes and the positive feedback received from customers.

Customer Relationships:

Neofort has established long-term collaborative relationships with its clients. We maintain constant collaborations with clients that span over 15 years, and 30-40% of our revenue comes from sales to existing partners. In recent years, our client base has expanded across most European countries. The expansion into European markets has become a strategic focus for the company. Transparent communication and personalized approaches have contributed to building a solid reputation for customer satisfaction. Customer recommendations and positive feedback serve as evidence of this aspect.

Future Outlook: Considering the accumulated experience and pragmatic approach, Neofort continues to emphasize sustainable development. The company is committed to maintaining its role in the industry and remaining a reliable partner for future construction projects in Romania and abroad. In our view, contributing to the growth of exports reflects support for the well-being of the domestic economic climate, and we take pride in our contribution to this phenomenon.


Neofort holds a significant position in the construction industry, built upon consistent evolution and a commitment to quality. With a balanced approach and a strong history, the company remains a notable name in the Aluminum and PVC Joinery sector.

Mentions in accordance with the National Trade Register Office of Romania

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