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Information regarding prices, offers, delivery conditions, and installation.

fabrica pret tamplarie aluminiu

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PVC & Aluminum joinery - George Palancean


Sales manager


PVC & Aluminum joinery - Olga Oprea


Sales representative


PVC & Aluminum joinery - Bianca Paun

Sales representative


Bianca PAUN

PVC & Aluminum joinery - Georgiana Blioju

Giorgiana BLIOJU

Export representative


PVC & Aluminum joinery - Mihai Danalache


Sales representative


The working procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Contact:

    • To begin, we recommend reviewing the details of our products or sending a contact request using the information in the contact section, or by completing the contact form available at the bottom of each page.

  2. Customized Consultation:

    • One of our representatives will contact you to discuss and determine, either by phone or email, the most suitable carpentry and accessory solution based on your needs.

  3. Submitting the Offer Request:

    • After consultation, please send us an offer request via email or WhatsApp. The request should include a sketch of the requested carpentry board and additional information such as the type of profile, profile color, type of thermal-insulating glass, accessories, etc.

  4. Offer Development:

    • Upon receiving your offer request, we will contact you for any clarifications, and based on the complete information, we will develop the offer and communicate the total price for the ordered goods and services.

  5. Additional Services:

    • For deliveries in the domestic market, we can provide consultancy, measurements, collection, transportation, and assembly services.

    • For exports, we offer consultancy, collection, transportation, and assembly services based on the value of the work.

  6. Contract and Invoicing:

    • The physical contract is signed at our headquarters or online via email.

    • An advance invoice is issued. For exports, if the beneficiary is registered as EUID, the advance invoice will be issued without VAT for intra-community VAT compensations.

  7. Manufacturing and Delivery:

    • Your order is manufactured, collected, and loaded for transportation. The manufacturing and transportation duration is usually between 2 and 4 weeks from the signing of the contract. All our transports benefit from international insurance.

  8. Order Completion:

    • An invoice is issued for the remaining payment, the warranty certificate, and the certifications for carpentry with thermal-insulating glass.

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