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Warm EDGE Spacer. Thermoplastic spacer for double glazing.

Warm Edge Spacer: A thermoplastic spacer that separates the glass panes within a double and triple-glazed unit.

Warm Edge Spacer: Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, Torsional Stability

Warm Edge Spacer: Thermal and Sound Insulation, Torsional Stability

In our product range, state-of-the-art technology is crucial for the performance and efficiency of both aluminum and PVC joinery. One of the fundamental elements is the Warm Edge Spacer. This component plays a significant role in reducing your home's carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency, suitable for both aluminum and PVC joinery.

The Warm Edge Spacer is a specially designed, strip-free element made from a composite plastic with exceptional insulating properties, optimized to ensure superior thermal performance. It works by preventing cold air from entering your home through the window and, at the same time, retaining heat inside. This leads to a more even distribution of heat in your home, ultimately reducing the need to use central heating, resulting in significant savings for both types of joinery.

A crucial aspect is that up to 80% of energy loss through a window occurs at its edges. Products with 'Warm Edge Spacer' technology aim to minimize this energy loss. The term 'Warm Edge Technology' refers to the construction of the edges of a double, triple, or quadruple glazing unit, which conducts less heat or cold than traditional windows and units with standard construction.

In comparison, double-glazed windows equipped with a 'Warm Edge Spacer' have an internal edge temperature of up to 65% higher, helping to improve the window's thermal efficiency and reduce the risk of condensation.

'Warm Edge Spacer' technology significantly reduces the temperature difference between the center and the edge of the unit, with up to a 94% reduction in heat loss (or gain) at the outer edge of your window.

Along with the tangible contribution to the environment, this heat saving can contribute to reducing the need for heating or air conditioning in a home, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and fuel bill savings.

'Warm Edge Spacer' technology also significantly reduces condensation on the sealed unit by up to 70%. This reduction in moisture virtually eliminates the chances of mold and potentially harmful bacteria growth. This is a critical consideration for an increasing number of people suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma. Choose 'Warm Edge Spacer' technology for a healthier and more energy-efficient environment. By opting for this solution, you benefit from a more comfortable home and significant long-term savings on heating and cooling costs, while also contributing to environmental protection.

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