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Vapor Barrier Sealing Tape: Elastic Perimeter Insulation for Moisture and Sound Control.

Vapor Barrier Sealing Tape: Elastic Perimeter Moisture and Sound Insulation for Aluminum and PVC Joinery. Premium Sealing Solution.

Vapor Barrier Sealing Tape: Perimeter Thermal, Moisture, and Sound Insulation.

Vapor Barrier Tape for Enhanced Insulation in PVC and Aluminum Joinery.

The Vapor Barrier Tape is a highly recommended solution for both exterior and interior applications, specifically designed for the installation and insulation of window and door frames. In this regard, we install two types of vapor barrier tape, one for the interior and one for the exterior.

Features and Advantages:

Excellent Adhesion: Ensures strong adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including all types of aluminum or PVC joinery frames.

Adheres perfectly to plaster or painted surfaces, providing permanent stability.

The vapor barrier tapes are compatible with PVC, stone, brick, aluminum, and polycarbonate materials, enhancing versatility.

The flexibility of the treated textile tapes ensures a durable seal in window joints, providing superior insulation against vapor infiltration.

Creates a permanent seal with window sills, thanks to the acrylic adhesive layer.

The special cross-weave structure provides optimal flexibility, efficiently adapting to building movements.

The exterior film facilitates air and water vapor diffusion from joints to the outside in a one-way direction, preventing vapor and condensation buildup.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity (ml): 30

Moisture Resistance

Working Temperature (°C): Between 5-30°C

Airtight, Vapor-Tight

Vapor Barrier Sd ≤ 47 m

Full Surface Self-Adhesive Layer for Wall Fixation (pressure-sensitive)

Self-Adhesive Strips for Installation on PVC or Aluminum Joinery Profile (pressure-sensitive)


Suitable for Renders and Bonding

2 or 3-way Sealing (depending on width)

Tear Resistant

Good Temperature Resistance

Cold Application (additional adhesive not required)

Complies with Standard Requirements (DIN 4108 - Thermal Insulation and Energy Conservation in Buildings)

The vapor barrier tapes ensure enhanced thermal efficiency for PVC and aluminum joinery. Its outstanding features and technical specifications make it a superior choice for achieving durable insulation and energy efficiency required by nZEB and Passive House standards and regulations.

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