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Pre-compressed Butyl Tape: Elastic Thermal, Hydro, and Sound Perimeter Insulation.

Pre-compressed Butyl Tape: Elastic Thermal, Hydro, and Sound Perimeter Sealing for Aluminum and PVC Joinery. A Premium Sealing Solution.

Pre-compressed Butyl Tape: Thermal, Hydro, and Sound Perimeter Insulation.

Pre-compressed Butyl Tape: Superior Performance and Sealing for PVC and Aluminum Joinery

The Pre-compressed Butyl Tape is an advanced technical solution infused with a special fire-resistant polymer blend. Designed to withstand extensive movements at large junctions, this tape not only ensures a perfect seal against wind-driven rain but also possesses excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, in line with the stringent requirements of the European Union Building Regulations.

For PVC and aluminum joinery, this tape offers significant advantages:

Effective Sealing: Provides an efficient barrier against rain, snow, wind, and dust.

Adaptability to Movement: Can accommodate movements of up to 39 mm, adapting to variabilities in the structure of PVC and aluminum windows and doors.

Long Lifespan: Permanent resistance and elasticity, prolonging the product's lifespan and requiring minimal intervention after extensive movements, unlike liquid sealants.

Remarkable Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: Contributes to increased energy efficiency and improved acoustic comfort within rooms.

Versatile Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with known construction materials, making it ideal for PVC and aluminum joinery.

This pre-compressed butyl tape is the right choice for constructions with PVC and aluminum joinery, offering both high technical performance and economic and durability benefits. It ensures a durable and efficient seal, contributing to creating a comfortable indoor environment protected against external elements, for both PVC and aluminum joinery.

Additional Technical Data:

Air Permeability Coefficient: <0.1 m³/[h·m·(daPa)].

Thermal Stability Range: -30°C to +90°C.

This pre-compressed butyl tape is the ideal solution for PVC and aluminum joinery projects, providing not only superior technical performance but also economic and durability advantages. Choose this solution and benefit from a product with remarkable technical characteristics, tailored to the specific requirements of joinery, to ensure an efficient and durable sealing of the junctions.

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