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Montaj tamplarie aluminiu si tamplarie PVC pe cadre Blaugelb Triotherm+

Blaugelb Products - Thermal Insulating Subframes for Window Installation, Blaugelb Triotherm+.

The Blaugelb Triotherm+ products we use for Aluminum and PVC window installation.

Blaugelb Triotherm+ Thermal Insulating Subframes: Stability and Thermal Efficiency.

The Blaugelb Triotherm+ Thermal Insulating Subframes are made of highly dense EPS (expanded polystyrene), providing these subframes with high ductility and remarkable load-bearing capacity. Here are some of the technical specifications that support the quality of these subframes and are essential for aluminum and PVC joinery projects:

Reliable Material: The subframes are made of highly dense EPS, giving them high strength and impressive ductility, essential aspects for aluminum and PVC joinery projects.

Remarkable Load-Bearing Capacity: Triotherm+ subframes have a load-bearing capacity of 1260 kg/dm² under conditions of maximum total deformation of 2%, ensuring stability and reliability in use.

Top Thermal Efficiency: With a thermal conductivity of 0.041 W/mK, Triotherm+ subframes significantly contribute to the thermal efficiency of buildings with aluminum and PVC joinery, reducing heat losses.

Resistance to Water Vapor Diffusion: Triotherm+ subframes have a resistance to water vapor diffusion ranging from 380 to 550 µ, maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Compression Strength: These subframes are designed to withstand compression, with compression tensile stress (10%) of at least 2,500 kPa and compression tensile stress (2%) of at least 1,100 kPa.

Bending Strength: Triotherm+ subframes offer a bending strength of at least 650 kPa, ensuring stability and integrity over time.

Shear Strength: With a shear strength of 0.217 N/mm2, Triotherm+ subframes can rely on a solid and secure attachment.

Low Water Absorption: Water absorption during immersion storage up to 28 days is less than or equal to 1.5%, ensuring durability over time.

The Blaugelb Triotherm+ Thermal Insulating Subframes are the ideal solution for your aluminum and PVC joinery projects, offering not only remarkable thermal efficiency but also structural stability supported by impressive technical data.

The Blaugelb Triotherm+ Thermal Insulating Subframes are not only an excellent choice for aluminum and PVC joinery projects but also an ideal solution for buildings that meet the requirements of Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). These subframes offer top thermal efficiency and structural stability, making them suitable for projects aiming to achieve NZEB standards.

One of the main objectives of NZEB buildings is to minimize energy consumption, especially for heating and cooling. The Blaugelb Triotherm+ subframes contribute to this objective through low thermal conductivity (0.041 W/m*K), which helps maintain the optimal temperature indoors. Thus, NZEB buildings can significantly reduce dependence on heating and cooling systems, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Additionally, Triotherm+ subframes are compression-resistant and have optimal dimensional stability, meaning they can successfully support the structural loads without creating unwanted thermal bridges. This is essential for NZEB buildings, which emphasize thermal insulation efficiency and reducing heat losses.

NZEB standards also emphasize the use of ecological and sustainable materials. Blaugelb Triotherm+ subframes meet these requirements, being 100% recyclable and free of HCFC, HFC, or HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane) content. Choosing these subframes not only contributes to the energy efficiency of the building but also to its sustainability.

In conclusion, Blaugelb Triotherm+ Thermal Insulating Subframes are an excellent choice for aluminum and PVC joinery projects that aim to meet NZEB standards. With their thermal efficiency and durable characteristics, these subframes integrate perfectly into projects aiming to provide a more sustainable and energy-efficient built environment.

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