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Grila higroreglabila Aereco, Grila aerisire Tamplarie PVC Salamander si tamplarie Aluminiu Alumil, Bucuresti.

Aereco Adjustable Humidity Grille: Ventilation Systems for PVC and Aluminum Joinery. Solutions for Air Quality Control.

The Aereco Adjustable Humidity Grille is an essential accessory for slow ventilation and humidity control in inhabited spaces. It enhances the quality of the environment we live in.

The Aereco adjustable humidity-sensitive vent and passive ventilation systems for window and door frames.

Humidity-Adjustable Aereco Grilles: Choose Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Ventilating PVC and Aluminum Frames

Aereco humidity-adjustable grilles represent a modern and intelligent solution for optimal ventilation in homes, especially those with PVC and aluminum frames. These integrated systems are designed to provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, automatically adapting to the ambient humidity level.

Operation of the Humidity-Adjustable Ventilation System:

The Aereco humidity-adjustable ventilation system operates based on controlling the airflow through the grilles dedicated to fresh air intake and exhaust. This control is achieved through a clever mechanical sensor that directly adjusts the opening of the grille flaps. This mechanism operates without consuming electrical energy, enhancing energy efficiency.

The V8 Sensor: Advanced Technology for Precise Adjustment:

The V8 sensor, the active element of the humidity-adjustable grilles, exploits a well-known physical phenomenon related to air humidity variation. It consists of polyamide strips that expand or contract based on the relative humidity level of the ambient air. Thus, the sensors regulate the opening of the grille flaps, controlling the airflow based on humidity.

A distinctive feature is the protection of the sensors against external weather conditions. They remain protected and functional, evaluating only the relative humidity of the indoor air, unaffected by the direct airflow.

By applying a thermal correction factor, the opening of the grilles for fresh air intake is not influenced by external weather conditions, ensuring stable and precise control even during low humidity seasons.

Benefits and Technical Specifications:

Airflow: 5-35 m3/h

Sound Attenuation: 33 dB

External Protection:



Rain protection

Available Colors: White, Brown, Golden Oak

Humidity - Indicator and Solution:

Humidity is an important indicator for the need for proper ventilation in a livable space. Aereco humidity-adjustable ventilation systems adjust the air flow based on the humidity level, helping prevent condensation and improve indoor air quality.

Humidity is often accompanied by other pollutants, such as CO2 and odors resulting from daily activities. The humidity-adjustable system allows continuous and proportional adaptation of the air flow based on these pollutants, contributing to their efficient removal.


Choosing Aereco humidity-adjustable grilles means investing in the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of your home. Transform the environment you live in into a healthy and pleasant one, with significant benefits for the entire family. Opt for Aereco and ensure an optimal and clean indoor climate.

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