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Exterior Roller Shutters: Surface-Mounted or Overlapping.The optimal solution for solar control, thermal regulation, and privacy management.

Aluminum Overlapping and Surface-Mounted External Roller Shutters provide precise control over light and privacy. They seamlessly integrate into the exterior design, offering energy efficiency and durability.

Exterior Roller Shutters - Overlapping or Surface-Mounted - with Insulated Slats in Aluminum

Exterior Roller Shutters - Overlapping or Surface-Mounted in Aluminum with Insulated Slats: Energy Efficiency and Modern Design

Aluminum exterior roller shutters equipped with foam-insulated slats offer sophisticated solutions to enhance home comfort and security. Whether installed with overlapping or surface-mounted mounting, these systems combine modern technology with pleasing aesthetics, providing multiple advantages.

Features and Benefits:

Energy efficiency and thermal insulation: Aluminum slats insulated with foam contribute to maintaining an optimal temperature indoors, reducing energy costs associated with heating or cooling the home.

Protection and security: Aluminum exterior roller shutters provide a solid barrier against adverse weather conditions, noise, and unauthorized access, bringing a sense of safety and privacy.

Durability and ease of maintenance: Aluminum, a durable material, ensures long-term strength and requires minimal maintenance to maintain optimal appearance and functionality.

Variable control of light and privacy: The roller shutter system allows precise adjustment of light and privacy levels, offering flexibility based on preferences.

Modern operating system: The systems can be operated manually or through an automated system, bringing an increased level of comfort and ease of use.

Installation and Design:

Overlapping or surface-mounted installation: These roller shutters can be installed during building construction (overlapping installation) or afterwards (surface-mounted installation), adapting to the needs and architecture of existing aluminum or PVC joinery.

Various colors and finishes: Available in a wide range of RAL colors and textured or wood-like finishes, these roller shutters integrate seamlessly into the house's design, adding aesthetics and harmony to PVC or aluminum joinery.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Aluminum, with slats insulated with foam for optimizing thermal and acoustic insulation of PVC or aluminum joinery.

Operating system: Manual or motorized, with the possibility of remote control or mobile app control.

Resistance: Weather-resistant and environmentally resistant, ensuring a long lifespan of PVC or aluminum joinery.

Aluminum exterior roller shutters with insulated slats are a smart choice for those seeking energy efficiency, protection, and a modern appearance. By opting for these systems, you will transform your home into a safe, comfortable, and elegant space with complete PVC or aluminum joinery.

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