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Profil Tamplarie Aluminiu SMARTIA M19800 Bucuresti

Product Description:
Alumil SMARTIA M19800 Aluminum Profile

Alumil SMARTIA M19800 Aluminum Joinery - Aluminum Windows and Doors for Efficiency and Elegance.

Product Description: Alumil SMARTIA M19800 Aluminum Profile

Alumil Aluminum Joinery - SMARTIA M19800 - Thermal Break Folding Doors for Efficiency and High-Performance in Large Sizes

Advantages and Features:

Suitable for Large Sizes: SMARTIA M19800 is designed to accommodate large dimensions, with a height of up to 3.3 meters and the ability to support up to 125 kg per opening.

Robust Structure: This profile features a solid and sturdy structure, ensuring long-lasting and flawless operation.

Thermal Break and Energy Efficiency: SMARTIA M19800 is equipped with a high-performance thermal break, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building.

Excellent Performance: This profile offers top-notch performance in terms of resistance to strong wind gusts, air permeability, and water resistance, keeping the interior protected under any conditions.

Easy Installation and Handling: With easy installation and handling, SMARTIA M19800 is convenient and efficient to use.

Certifications: The SMARTIA M19800 product is certified to ensure its quality and compliance.

Technical Specifications:

Thermal Insulation: It has efficient thermal insulation.


Frame Width: 50 mm.

Glass Type: Suitable for glass up to 32 mm.

Polyamides: With double 18 mm thermal insulation.

Main Gasket: Equipped with two EPDM gaskets for sealing.

Locking Type: With double locking points for security.

Visible Aluminum: 146 mm.

Maximum Weight: 80 kg per frame.

Maximum Height: 2.5 meters.

Maximum Panel Width: 1.0 meter.

Additional Performance:

Uf (Heat Transfer Coefficient): 1.9 W/m²K, indicating energy efficiency.

Water Tightness: Class 4A, IFT.

Air Permeability: Class 3, IFT.

Wind Load Resistance: Class C1/B1, IFT.


SMARTIA M19800 is suitable for all available typologies, offering flexibility in design and functionality.

Alumil aluminum joinery with SMARTIA M19800 profiles is the ideal choice for thermal break folding doors, providing energy efficiency, strength, and remarkable performance for large dimensions. With easy installation and convenient handling, this profile ensures an efficient and durable user experience, suitable for modern residences, office buildings, conference centers, hotels, as well as restaurants.

For more comprehensive and detailed information about the Alumil SMARTIA M19800 aluminum profile for windows and doors, we invite you to visit the CONTACT section to discuss with a consultant or you can visit the FORUM section to find news and updates.

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