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Profil Tamplarie Aluminiu SMARTIA S350 Bucuresti

Product Description:
Alumil SMARTIA S350 Aluminum Profile

Alumil SMARTIA S350 Aluminum Joinery - Aluminum Windows and Doors for Efficiency and Elegance.

Product Description: Alumil SMARTIA S350 Aluminum Profile

Alumil Aluminum Joinery - SMARTIA S350 Profile - Sliding Doors with Thermal Barrier, Elegance, Energy Efficiency, and Safety

Advantages and Features:

Cost-Effective Quality Ratio: SMARTIA S350 offers a highly advantageous cost-to-quality ratio, making it an excellent solution for those seeking energy-efficient aluminum joinery with modern design without compromising the budget.

Energy Efficiency: This profile stands out for its energy efficiency, contributing to reduced energy consumption and heating/cooling costs in the building.

Easy Access and Functionality: SMARTIA S350 folding doors provide easy access and a high degree of functionality, perfectly suited for spaces where convenience and efficiency of use are desired.

Increased Natural Light: With its modern design and slim profiles, SMARTIA S350 aluminum joinery significantly increases the volume of natural light indoors, creating a bright and pleasant atmosphere.

High Sound Insulation: With sound insulation of up to 38 dB, these doors ensure efficient soundproofing, creating a quiet and comfortable environment.

High Quality with Certified Performance: SMARTIA S350 boasts high quality, and its performance is certified, ensuring that you make a sustainable and reliable choice.


SMARTIA S350 is certified to attest to its performance and compliance.

Technical Data:

Window Types: Suitable for sliding windows.

Thermal Insulation: With effective thermal insulation.

Exterior Shapes: Straight design for a modern aesthetic.


Frame Depth: 35 mm.

Minimum Visible Aluminum Height: 101 mm.

Visible Aluminum Width in the Central Area (Inverter A): 102 mm.

Visible Aluminum Width in the Central Overlap Area (Joining Profile): 25 mm.

Glass Type: Suitable for double glazing up to 28 mm thickness.

Mechanism: With perimeter closing mechanism for safety.

Sealing Method: Continuous perimeter sealing with two levels of tri-fin brushes for effective insulation.

Type of Thermal Insulation: Uses 24 mm polyamide thermal insulation and PVC parts.

Water Tightness Performance: Classification 7Α.

Air Permeability: Classification 4.

Wind Load Resistance: Classification C2/B3.

Sound Insulation: Up to 38 dB.

Frame Weight: Supports weights of up to 180 kg.


Suitable for sliding doors on one, two, or three tracks, sliding doors placed on the same track with cap-in-cap closing, sliding doors on the same track with the possibility of wall embedding, and sliding doors with a fixed panel.

Alumil aluminum joinery with SMARTIA S350 profiles is the ideal choice for those seeking energy-efficient, elegant, and cost-effective folding doors. These doors create a comfortable and modern environment, increasing natural light and providing exceptional sound insulation without compromising the budget.

For more extensive and detailed information about Alumil SMARTIA S350 aluminum profiles for windows and doors, we invite you to visit the CONTACT section to discuss with a consultant.

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