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Product description: PVC profile Salamander BluEvolution 92 ALU with 6 chambers

PVC joinery Salamander BluEvolution 92 ALU clad with Aluminum, 6 chambers - PVC Windows and Doors for thermal efficiency and enhanced comfort. nZEB joinery.

Salamander PVC Joinery BluEvolution 92 ALU PVC Profile with 6 chambers

Salamander PVC Joinery - BluEvolution 92 ALU Profile Clad with Aluminum, 6 Thermal Insulation Chambers - Thermal Efficiency, Safety, and Modern Design. Unique Solution on the Market, Combining the Insulating Qualities of PVC Profiles with the Strength and Flexibility of Aluminum Profiles.

Advantages and Features:

• Energy Efficiency Certified for Passive Houses: Salamander PVC joinery is certified for energy efficiency, meeting Passive House building standards. This ensures significant savings in heating and cooling costs.

• High Level of Safety: With RC3 certification, this PVC joinery offers a high level of safety, providing protection against burglary and unauthorized access.

• High Sound Insulation: Salamander PVC joinery has a sound insulation of up to 47 dB, offering a quiet and comfortable environment inside buildings.

• Easy to Use: The modern design and European mechanism with a construction depth of 92 mm + 12 mm aluminum cladding make the installation of Salamander PVC joinery easy and convenient.

• Easy Access for Special Needs Individuals and Children: Salamander PVC joinery can be configured to facilitate access for individuals with special needs and children, contributing to a more inclusive building.

• Wide Range of Types: Salamander PVC joinery offers a wide variety of types to suit the specific needs of your project.

• Exceptional Quality with Certified Performance: This Salamander PVC joinery offers exceptional quality, and its performance is certified, ensuring that you will benefit from a reliable and durable product.

• Weather Resistance: Salamander PVC joinery is designed to withstand severe weather conditions, providing you with the assurance that it will endure the elements.

Technical Details:

• Window Types: Suitable for windows and doors made of Roto-tilt PVC joinery.

• Thermal Insulation: Energy efficiency with a Uw coefficient between 0.70 and 1.4 W/m²K.

• Exterior Shapes: Available in straight profiles for modern design.

• Construction Depth: 92 mm + 12 mm aluminum cladding, ensuring stability and thermal insulation.

• Minimum Visible PVC Height: 118 mm.

• Visible PVC Width in the Central Zone (Inverter A): 118 mm.

• Glass Type: Suitable for double-triple glazing with a thickness of 24 to 60 mm.

• Hardware: Silver Roto NT and NX.

• Sealing Method: Equipped with 3 levels of EPDM perimeter gaskets and PVC joinery sealing isolator.

• Number of Thermal Insulation Chambers: PVC profile with 6 thermal insulation chambers.

• Minimum Threshold Height: 13 mm.

• Profile Reinforcement: Galvanized steel reinforcement of 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm, depending on the size and color of the PVC joinery.


• Uw: The Uw thermal transmittance coefficient ranges from 0.70 to 1.4 W/m²K, contributing to energy savings.

• Water Tightness: E1350 classification for water tightness.

• Air Permeability: Class 4 for air permeability.

• Wind Load Resistance: C3 pressure up to 1200 Pa and deflection of s=1/300, ensuring stability against strong winds.

• Sound Insulation: Up to 47 dB, for a quiet environment.

• Burglary Resistance: RC2 certified with the possibility of upgrading to RC3 for additional security against burglary.

Additional Features:

• Frame Weight Capacity: Supports weights of up to 180 kg.


Suitable for all types of tilt and turn windows, PVC pivot windows.

• Salamander PVC BluEvolution 92 joinery is an excellent choice for projects that demand energy efficiency, safety, and modern design. With certified performance and the ability to meet a wide range of technical solutions, this PVC joinery provides a complete and reliable solution for PVC windows and doors. Learn more about the prices of Salamander PVC joinery and opt for a trustworthy installation.

• For more extensive details about the Salamander BluEvolution 92 PVC profile for PVC windows and doors, we invite you to access the CONTACT section to speak with a consultant, or you can visit the FORUM section for news and updates.

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