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Profil Tamplarie PVC Salamander GreenEvolution 76 AD FLEX Bucuresti

Product description: PVC profile Salamander GreenEvolution 76 AD FLEX with 6 chambers

PVC joinery Salamander GreenEvolution 76 AD FLEX with 6 thermal insulation chambers - PVC Windows and Doors for thermal efficiency and enhanced comfort. nZEB joinery.

Salamander PVC Joinery GreenEvolution 76 AD FLEX Profile with 6 chambers

Tamplarie PVC Salamander - GreenEvolution 76 AD FLEX Profile: Energy Efficiency and Safety in Bucharest

Discover premium PVC joinery from Salamander, using the GreenEvolution 76 AD FLEX profile with 6 chambers for a heightened level of energy efficiency, safety, and a modern design. This unique solution in the market comes with 2 mid-range sealing gaskets.

Remarkable Advantages and Features:

Certified Energy Efficiency for Passive Houses: Salamander PVC joinery is certified for energy efficiency, complying with the Passive House standard, bringing significant savings in heating and cooling costs.

High Level of Safety with RC3 Certification: Through RC3 certification, this PVC joinery offers a superior level of safety, ensuring protection against burglary and unauthorized access.

High Sound Insulation: Salamander PVC joinery provides sound insulation of up to 47 dB, contributing to a quiet and comfortable environment inside buildings.

Easy and Efficient Installation: The modern design and 76 mm construction depth facilitate the installation of Salamander PVC joinery, emphasizing ease and efficiency.

Enhanced Accessibility for Individuals with Special Needs and Children: Salamander PVC joinery can be configured to facilitate access for individuals with special needs and for children, contributing to a more inclusive building.

Wide Variety of Typologies: Salamander PVC joinery offers a diverse range of typologies, adaptable to the specific needs of your project.

Exceptional Quality with Certified Performance: Salamander PVC joinery stands out for its exceptional quality and certified performance, ensuring a durable and reliable product.

Weather Resistance: Salamander PVC joinery is designed to withstand severe weather conditions, providing you with peace of mind that it will withstand the elements.

Technical Data and Specifications:

Suitable for Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors made of Roto-tilt PVC joinery.

Thermal Efficiency with Uw coefficient ranging between 0.73 and 1.4 W/m²K.

Available in straight profiles for a modern design.

Construction Depth of 76 mm, ensuring stability and thermal insulation.

Minimum Visible PVC Height of 118 mm.

Visible PVC Width in the Central Zone (Inverter A) of 118 mm.

Suitable for Double-Triple Glazing with a thickness from 24 to 48 mm.

Silver Roto NT and NX hardware.

Sealing Method with 2 EPDM perimeter gaskets and PVC joinery sealing isolator.

Number of Thermal Insulation Chambers: 6 chambers, upgradeable from 5 to 6 chambers.

Minimum Threshold Height of 13 mm.

Profile Reinforcement: Galvanized steel reinforcement of 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm, based on the size and color of the PVC joinery.

Top Performances:

Thermal Transmittance Coefficient Uw ranging between 0.73 and 1.4 W/m²K.

E1350 Classification for Water Tightness.

Class 4 for Air Permeability.

Wind Resistance C3 up to 1200 Pa and deflection of s=1/300, ensuring stability against strong winds.

Sound Insulation of up to 47 dB, for a peaceful environment.

Burglary Resistance: RC2 certified with the possibility of upgrading to RC3 for additional security against burglary.

Additional Features:

Frame Weight Capacity: Supports weights of up to 180 kg.


Suitable for all types of tilt and turn windows, PVC pivot windows.

Salamander PVC GreenEvolution 76 AD FLEX joinery is an excellent choice for projects focusing on energy efficiency, safety, and innovative modern design. Learn more about PVC joinery in Bucharest and explore PVC Joinery Price Offers to choose the perfect installation in the capital. For further details about the GreenEvolution 76 AD FLEX PVC profile for PVC windows and doors, we invite you to access the CONTACT section to speak with a consultant or visit the FORUM section where you can find updated news and information.

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