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Profil Tamplarie Aluminiu SUPREME SF85 Bucuresti

Product description:
Alumil SF85 SUPREME aluminum profile

Alumil SF85 SUPREME Aluminum Joinery - Aluminum Windows and Doors for Efficiency and Elegance.

Product Description: Alumil SUPREME SF85 Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Joinery by Alumil - SUPREME SF85 Profile - Harmonic Doors with Thermal Barrier, Elegance, Energy Efficiency, and Safety.

Advantages and Features:

High-rise Constructions and Wide Openings: SUPREME SF85 allows for the construction of tall buildings up to 4.0 meters high, with openings up to 1.5 meters wide. This provides flexibility in space design and architectural aesthetics.

Minimalist Design and Elegance: The SUPREME SF85 profile impresses with its minimalist design and extremely fine lines, creating a visually pleasing and aesthetic view both indoors and outdoors.

Variety of Solutions and Configurations: This profile offers a complete range of solutions, including even or odd numbers of openings, free corner construction options, semi-structural opening versions, and the possibility of opening the aluminum joinery both inwards and outwards.

Outstanding Performance in Air Tightness, Water and Wind Resistance: SUPREME SF85 aluminum joinery provides excellent performance in terms of air tightness, water resistance, and resistance to strong wind gusts, ensuring comfort and safety in all weather conditions.

High Energy Efficiency: With a very good thermal value, this aluminum profile contributes to the energy efficiency of buildings, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Security and Anti-Burglary Protection of the Joinery: SUPREME SF85 meets all safety standards and provides protection against burglaries, ensuring a high level of safety for your property.

Smooth Operation and Durability: Harmonic doors with a thermal barrier SUPREME SF85 are designed for smooth operation and offer long-lasting functionality, requiring minimal maintenance.


SUPREME SF85 has certifications that attest to its performance and quality.

Technical Data:

Thermal Insulation: Yes, with a thermal value of 1.0 W/m²K, offering efficient thermal insulation for aluminum joinery.

Aesthetics: Minimalist design, with fine and elegant lines, for a modern aesthetic of aluminum joinery.

Panel Type: Floor solution, aluminum panel, or semi-structural panel.

Applications: Suitable for residential use, with a frame width of 1.5 meters, or for commercial use with a frame height of up to 4 meters.


Frame Width: 85mm.

Glass: Suitable for glass thickness between 28 and 58mm.

Polyamide: Double 40mm insulation for thermal efficiency.

Additional Insulators: Uses Kooltherm and insulating foam.

Main Gasket: With co-extruded EPDM gasket and insulating foam for effective sealing.

Closing Type: With four locking points for maximum joinery security.

Visible Aluminum: The visible aluminum width is 105mm.

Maximum Weight: Supports weights of up to 200 kg per frame.

Maximum Height: Up to 4.0 meters.

Maximum Panel Width: Up to 1.5 meters.

Additional Performances:

Water Tightness: Classification up to 9A, IFT.

Air Permeability: Classification 4, IFT.

Wind Load Resistance: Classification C3/B3, IFT.

Burglary Resistance: PAS24 certified, UK.

Aluminum joinery made from SUPREME SF85 profiles by Alumil offers a solution for harmonic doors with a thermal barrier, featuring elegant aesthetics, excellent performance, and design flexibility, bringing added energy efficiency and safety to residential and commercial buildings.

For more comprehensive and detailed information about the Alumil SUPREME SF85 aluminum profile for windows and doors, we invite you to visit the CONTACT section to discuss with a consultant.

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